Any construction project should consider the risk of Unexploded Ordnance before groundworks commence. Start with our Express Preliminary Assessment, delivered in just 24 hours, for only £150 +VAT. If our findings don’t discount risk first, then a Detailed Risk Assessment can be commissioned.

Express Preliminary reports offer a very fast, cost-effective way to establish whether further research is required or whether the risk can be negated at that stage, with a high level of confidence. Almost half the sites our expert team assess and review return a result of ‘no further action needed’ negating the need for the further UXO report.

Detailed Assessments are comprehensive, in-depth reports which examine fully the history of a site and determine the risk from unexploded ordnance. They allow clients to understand and consider suitable investigation and mitigation measures available, and to plan support to ensure works proceed safely and on-schedule.

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