How many unexploded devices? Where and how deep? Understand your site with a detailed geophysical survey.

The majority of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Unexploded Bombs (UXBs) we encounter are buried. An item of ordnance could sit just centimetres below the surface, or lay several metres underground. To detect hidden UXO, we provide Magnetometer surveys.

Our specialist equipment records and plots anomalies caused by any significant metallic (ferrous) objects below the surface. The type of survey we use will depend on the risk, the site conditions and on the proposed scope of works.

What is a UXO Survey?

It is the process of scanning and probing the terrain or marine environments to assess if there is any unexploded material embedded in the ground of the site, ensuring any planned construction works can be carried out as scheduled with the minimum amount of risk to those involved.

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Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys

For Greenfield sites – previously undeveloped land with little extraneous ferrous contamination.

We map the site by walking a mobile detection rig over the surface. This ‘non-intrusive’ magnetometer survey can detect a 50kg bomb up to 4 m deep. It’s also suitable for shallow water (e.g. inland waterways and lakes).

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Intrusive UXO Surveys

For Deep Intrusive Works – Intrusive UXO Magnetometer Survey ahead of Piling or Boreholes.

A magnetometer probe is pushed into the ground under hydraulic pressure by a specialised survey rig, allowing an intrusive survey of a column of soil to detect deep buried unexploded bombs. Once each position has been cleared, contractors can place individual piles, clusters & boreholes safely.

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Survey findings

Advanced software analysis creates a false-colour survey map showing all identified ferrous targets and anomalies which model as potential UXO. For Intrusive Surveys, real-time data logs are saved.

We provide our clients with detailed reports following Intrusive and Non-intrusive UXO Surveys. These reports detail the works that been undertaken to lower the risk and present the results clearly and concisely, allowing you to proceed with planned works with confidence. We explain any potential risks to you, and, if needed, outline any further specialist support needed.

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