April 2022 marks ’10 Years in Business’ for 1st Line Defence and we are delighted to be celebrating such a great milestone.

After what has been such an unprecedented past couple of years for so many, this is definitely a time for celebration.

We would like to say a special thank you to our fantastic team (past and present) for all of their hard work and dedication – and to the many amazing clients and suppliers we have had the pleasure of working alongside.

Over the past 10 years, we are proud to have gone from strength-to-strength, growing both our team and the services we offer – and supporting more and more organisations across various sectors.

To mark this very special milestone we have looked back at what we have achieved over the past 10 years…

Company Timeline

  • March 2012

  • March 2012

  • March 2013

  • August 2013

  • October 2014

  • June 2015

  • April 2016

  • November 2017

  • June 2018

  • February 2019

  • June 2019

  • February 2020

  • October 2020

  • May 2021

  • January 2022

So, where did it all begin?

The story of 1st Line Defence started all the way back in 2012, with our Managing Director – Brett Kinsman – and his vision of creating a UXO risk mitigation company that was a class above the rest.

The vision for 1st Line Defence was to create a company that was more than just offering risk mitigation services; Brett wanted to create a company that invested in its people and the very best equipment and processes, with a strong focus of building great relationships with clients and suppliers alike – and to make sure everyone received a fantastic service.

The vision in 2012 was very straightforward:

  • Make construction sites a safer place for Commercial, Governmental and Humanitarian organisations to develop and operate in.
  • Build a team of talented individuals and provide opportunities for them to progress within a growing company.
  • Provide clients with a value for money service and sector leading customer service.

On 23 March 2012, we invoiced our first client for a Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment and the company flourished from there.

Where are we now?

1st Line Defence really has grown since its humble beginnings.

In 2012, we started with a team of two staff and soon added our first two historical researchers. It was a time when everyone had to wear many hats and ‘muck in’ with every aspect of the business, and our friendly and practical approach was soon winning over new clients.

10 years on and we are proud to boast having a diverse workforce of over 150+ employees, who are experienced and trained to deliver the highest levels of customer service.

We have expanded our services to a wider global Land and Marine client base, whilst continuing to maintain the high quality project delivery 1st Line Defence has built its enviable reputation upon.

This month we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary as a company that is continuing to grow and flourish, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

However, we could not have achieved this milestone without the support of our clients and suppliers, and the hard work and dedication of our team – thank you!

What’s next?

Our portfolio of work over the years has delivered a variety of services to over 4,000 clients, meeting all of their UXO Risk Mitigation needs and supporting them with training and maintaining safe construction sites.

Reaching this milestone has involved a lot of hard work, as well as continual investment in our people, equipment, processes, infrastructure and technology.

Our employees sit at the core of our business and we are committed to providing the best possible training to our staff, from our UXO engineer’s through to our management team.

We are also continually looking for ways to improve our processes and invest in new and innovative equipment, to help us continue to go beyond our clients’ requirements and expectations.

It is all of this combined that has enabled us to become renowned as experts in our field, and sees us where we are today – celebrating 10 very successful years in the UXO risk mitigation industry… and hopefully many more to come!

Looking for a UXO Specialist?

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