Our purpose

Founded in 2011 by MD Brett Kinsman, 1st Line Defence was created to deliver unrivalled Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation solutions and 1st class customer service.

Our purpose is to provide all of our commercial, governmental and humanitarian clients’ – a safe environment to operate and protect their assets.

1st Line Defence assess and manage UXO risk on projects of all different shapes, sizes and scopes, and you can have peace of mind that our professionally-trained staff will support you throughout the entire project life cycle.

Our strategic and comprehensive risk management solutions are focused on mitigating explosive and hazardous items of ordnance, and to safeguard land and marine environments internationally.

We are the UXO risk mitigation consultants chosen by many companies due to being UK Home Office Authorised and Police Licensed, and hold numerous professional Accreditations & Memberships with industry leading Health & Safety organisations – safety is our top priority and you’re in good hands.

Our mission

1st Line Defence are dedicated to advancing and improving our capabilities by investing in new technologies and detection systems, providing our clients with some of the most cost effective UXO risk mitigation solutions in the industry.

Supported by a large and dedicated team from our offices in Hertfordshire, UK and Florida, U.S.A, our UXO Specialists have used their expertise to mitigate risk across thousands of projects in the UK and Overseas.

1st Line Defence offer expert help and guidance, working closely with you and your team to ensure that any potential UXO risk on your project is thoroughly assessed – and any risk is mitigated.

Whether it’s supporting clients that operate on Land or Marine projects, in conflict zones or for humanitarian purposes – you can rely on our knowledge, trustworthiness and professionalism.

Our strategy

Through integrated data processing systems, analysis and advice – 1st Line Defence provide the insights our clients need to operate in a safe environment.

You will be supported by a team of researchers, analysts and historic archive experts – experienced UXO Specialists and the Senior Management Team.

Each of our dedicated UXO Specialists hold full EOD engineer certification and qualifications, and are individually selected from our team of over 50 ex-military and Reservist personnel.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) underpins the activities of the business; it governs how we position ourselves in the sector and makes sure that we continuously improve the delivery and quality of the services we provide for our clients – and our staff.

Why choose us

  1. Extensive experience in the sector
  2. Industry-leading technologies and infrastructure
  3. Complete project life cycle solutions
  4. Flexible and responsive approach
  5. Professional accreditations and memberships

Click on the following link to view or download the UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy we adhere to, in accordance with CIRIA C681 Guidelines.

“I have always found 1st Line to be highly flexible and accommodating to project changes. Their site and office teams are punctual and professional and have given me no reason to look for an alternative supplier.“

Senior Engineering Project Manager, Structural Soils Ltd
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