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What is UXO Borehole Support?

If there’s an accessed risk from deep buried unexploded bombs (UXBs) on your project and ground investigation works such as boreholes or window samples are planned, we can deploy a UXO operative to conduct a ‘down-hole’ magnetometer survey.

What is the process?

Working closely with the drillers, the ‘down-hole’ magnetometer survey can detect buried ferrous anomalies which have the potential to be UXO related – and we will survey each borehole in 1m stages using a specialised probe to provide clearance.

If an anomaly is detected, the UXO operative can recommend that the borehole is terminated and moved – or we can arrange for further investigation. The survey continues until an assessed ‘maximum bomb penetration depth’ is reached and then the borehole can progress without additional support.

UXO Support for ground investigation works

By working closely with drillers and the project management team, our methodology and approach means there will be no significant time delay in undertaking the survey – and we can provide the assurances you need that machine operators and ground personnel can continue with the development safely.

We understand the dynamic nature of project ground investigation works, and we are very accommodating about where and when our UXO operatives are required.

Looking for more information? Need Borehole Clearance?

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