What is a UXO Survey?

It is the process of scanning and probing the terrain, or marine environments, to assess if there are unexploded items of ordnance embedded in the ground of a project site location.

This is to make sure any planned groundworks for our commercial, governmental and humanitarian clients’ can be carried out safely – and with the minimum amount of risk to those involved.

An item of UXO/UXB could sit just centimetres below the surface, or lay several metres below ground-level – and it is essential that the right type of survey is used for your project.

What types of UXO Survey do we offer?

We provide a Non-intrusive UXO Survey (walkover, vehicle towed or Drone) and an Intrusive UXO Survey – and the type of survey we recommend will depend on the risk level, the ground conditions and the proposed scope of groundworks.

What is a magnetometer survey?

Also commonly referred to as a UXO Survey, it’s when specialist magnetometer equipment is used to detect for anomalies caused by metallic (ferrous) objects found just below the surface (a Non-intrusive UXO Survey), or for deep-level inspections we push a magnetometer probe into the ground with substantial hydraulic force (an Intrusive UXO Survey).

How are the survey results communicated back to the client?

We provide our clients with detailed reports following a Non-intrusive or Intrusive UXO Survey.

Advanced software analysis creates a false-colour survey map showing all identified ferrous targets and anomalies which model (in size and shape) as potential UXO. For Intrusive Surveys, real-time data logs are saved and processed by our in-house geophysical team.

These reports highlight the findings of the surveys, and include any recommendations for further investigation of specific targets should anything of interest be detected. The goal is to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). We present the results clearly and concisely, allowing planned works to proceed with confidence and safety.

Information about Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys

Ideal for Greenfield site projects (which is previously undeveloped land with little extraneous ferrous contamination).

By walking or towing a mobile detection system over the ground surface our equipment can map your entire project site location.

In good ground conditions, a Non-Intrusive UXO Survey can detect a 50kg bomb up to 4m below the surface. It is also ideal for locating smaller and more shallow-buried items such as grenades, mortars and projectiles – both on land and over water.

Information about Drone Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys

Perfect for Greenfield land (which is previously undeveloped land with little extraneous ferrous contamination).

Using a Drone which has been installed with the latest Magnetometer sensors, Collision / Obstacle detectors and laser terrain following technology, the drone is flown autonomously and can map a project site location area in a matter of hours.

This technology is particularly useful when trying to detect very small items of UXO or larger items which are buried deeper, it’s fast to deploy and can cover large areas.

Information about Intrusive UXO Surveys

This survey is ideal for detecting deep buried bombs even on previously developed ‘brownfield’ land, and providing clearance of intrusive works ahead of piling or boreholes.

A magnetometer probe is pushed into the ground under hydraulic pressure, and we survey a column of soil to detect for deep buried unexploded bombs (UXBs).

Each survey position provides a column of clearance (diameter dependant on ground conditions) with more than one pile location covered by each survey (dependant on pile spacing) – reducing the overall number of surveys required.

Looking to book a Non-intrusive or Intrusive UXO Survey?

Contact us for more information about choosing the correct type of UXO Survey for your project – we’re always happy to help.

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