Overseas & Global UXO Services

1st Line Defence has access to all mine action resources; including trained people, detector equipment, mechanical clearance systems and detection dogs.

We can conduct all mine action operations in accordance to your bespoke situation and the specific needs of your project.

Our specialist teams comprise a pool of experienced EOD experts, national de-miners and detection dog teams to deliver BAC services and clearance from Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).

We offer a range of services ranging from deploying armoured and remote-controlled machines to remove vegetation and undergrowth in preparation for the manual demining teams, to providing comprehensive reports detailing all suspected presence of landmines and UXO within a designated area.

All projects are managed by our experienced overseas team based within the UK complying with a robust Quality Management System (QMS), in accordance of International Mine Action Standards.

Controlled detonation of a prepared cache of munitions in the desert

Route Assessments

Having issues accessing areas that you need to operate in? Let us clear routes to your target destination.

Landmine Clearance

Train your employees professionally to understand and manage Landmine Clearance & UXO risk.

EOD Training

We can train your staff in individuals or groups and make them experts in their field.

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1st Line Defence provides Specialist UXO Support & Clearance Globally
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