What is UXO Support?

Where a risk of encountering UXO has been assessed on a project, one of our most common risk mitigation recommendations is to have a UXO Specialist on-site to support and monitor ground works, open excavations and site investigation operations to provide UXO Clearance.

Drawn from the Army, Air Force and Navy, our UXO Engineers visit the site location to mitigate risk on your project, and offer a range of skills and services:

Information about UXO Watch & Brief

Our certified UXO Engineers work closely with the machine operator or ground worker to make sure that excavations are carried out in a controlled manner, and to provide an immediate response to any suspect or suspicious items that are encountered.

If any items are discovered, they can be immediately assessed, identified and removed by one of our UXO Specialists.

We can also provide safety briefings for new groundsmen and personnel joining the project.

Information about UXO Borehole Clearance

We offer support during the Boreholes and Window sample stages of ground works.

If a risk from deep buried unexploded bombs (UXBs) has been identified on a project, and ground investigation works such as Boreholes or Window samples are planned – a manual ‘down-hole’ magnetometer survey can be carried out by our UXO Specialists to make sure no UXBs are encountered at depth.

Information about UXO Search & Clear

For certain project site locations with, we can deploy a team of UXO Specialists armed with handheld detection equipment to systematically search and clear items of ordnance from the site location.

This type of service is well suited for ex-military land, for example training ranges or terrain where a Non-intrusive UXO Survey would not be feasible due to access restrictions or unsuitable ground conditions.

Useful tip: We can only detect UXO at relatively shallow depths with this service, and it is only suitable for ground which is free from background extraneous ferrous contamination (for example: a wooded area, on a military range, or other open ‘clean’ land.)

Information about UXO Safety & Awareness Training

Get expert training and briefings from experienced UXO Specialists.

Make sure that your staff and ground personnel are aware of potential UXO risk, what to look out for and what to do in the event that a suspect item is encountered.

We offer bespoke group training packages for management, site supervisors and groundsmen.

Not sure what UXO Support service you need?

Contact us if you need more information or have any questions, our Sales Team are happy to assist and guide you through the process.

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