Why do I need an Intrusive UXO Survey?

An Intrusive UXO Survey makes sure that a project can be quickly and efficiently checked for deep buried unexploded bombs (UXO/UXB) so that development can continue safely.

On projects where a risk of encountering UXO/UXB has been assessed, and where deep intrusive groundworks such as piled foundations are planned (more than 4 meters below ground level) – an Intrusive Magnetometer Survey will provide detection and clearance ahead of individual pile locations, clusters and boreholes.

This survey method provides detection of items of ordnance at depths not achievable by Non-intrusive UXO Survey methods, or in ground conditions which have gross surface ferro-contamination.

This survey method is a reliable way of minimising UXO risk on Brownfield land projects.

What is an Intrusive UXO Survey?

It’s a process where a magnetometer probe is pushed into the ground by specialist survey equipment using hydraulic pressure, and we survey a column of soil to detect for deep buried unexploded bombs (UXO/UXB).

As the magnetometer probe is pushed into the ground, a ‘real-time’ display of the magnetometer reading is fed back to the survey engineer present.

This allows for a check of both ferrous anomalies directly beneath the probe (the probes have look-ahead capability), and for any horizontal deviation of the probe (detected by inclinometers in the probe body) so that if necessary the survey can be terminated or corrected.

Each survey position provides a column of clearance down to an assessed maximum bomb penetration depth (which for generic London clay can be up to 12m below ground level), and we can often check multiple pile locations per survey – reducing the overall number of surveys required.

An Intrusive UXO Survey is normally carried out before planned piling works and can be deployed from several different platform configurations to suit specific projects (large, small, restricted access – on ground, rail or overwater).

How are the survey results communicated back to the client?

Real-time data logs are saved and processed by our in-house geophysical team, and advanced software analysis creates a false-colour survey map showing all identified ferrous targets and anomalies which model (in size and shape) as potential UXO/UXB.

The reports present the results clearly and concisely, and we explain any potential risks to you, and if needed – outline any further specialist support required.

Any anomalies identified during the survey that have similar characteristics to UXO/UXB, can either be investigated (and excavated) or avoided – depending on the client’s requirements.

Looking to book an Intrusive UXO Survey?

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