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What is Construction Site Security and why do I need it?

Security threats to construction sites may include the theft of valuable machinery, tools, materials, fuel, workers personal possessions and potentially even loss of life. Having efficient site security measures should be considered in any construction site risk assessment and plan.

Construction is a vast and valuable industry which involves both the storage and on-going use of expensive machinery, materials and tools. The machinery, tools and fuel which can be stolen from vehicles has a resale value which makes them highly attractive to criminals. Therefore, it is important to protect your assets and your on-site staff, especially in the winter months and on quiet and remote sites.

The risks that the construction industry is exposed to can leave companies and their workforces in vulnerable situations, sometimes unable to work or function when important tools/machinery are stolen – or the site in general is damaged or unsafe to operate in.

Security Guards

At 1st Line Defence, we can provide trained construction site security guards that are tailored specifically to your sites’ needs, operation and budget – and offer expert knowledge of the local area.

Each of our security officers are SIA licensed and trained to the highest standards, and we will create a bespoke solution for your site. We make sure all of your construction site security requirements are managed efficiently, with dedicated account management support.

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Mobile Security Patrols

Large developments are usually complex operations with different machinery, equipment and materials used at various locations across the site. While this can present an opportunity for thieves, our construction site mobile security patrols make sure that you have complete coverage and peace of mind.

Our mobile construction site security patrols have the ability to monitor various pre-defined locations, perform on-foot patrols and operate patrol vehicles – all included as one cost-effective package.

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What are the threats and challenges to construction sites?

Unauthorised entry to a construction site can potentially result in unwanted criminal activity and the disruption could lead to issues with:

Loss & Liability >

As well as the threats to operations, property and life – the actions of thieves who have gained access through inadequately secured sites threatens site owners and managers with liability for further loss and damage.

For example, if plant vehicles are stolen in order to gain access or destroy other buildings – such as ram-raiding premises or to gain elevated access to a building – the action of the theft can be costly in terms of both site loss and liability for other damage / losses occurring off-site.

Additionally, construction companies can find themselves liable for accidents involving trespassers or as a consequence of trespassers compromising overall safety.

This is often the case when construction sites are inadequately secured against trespass and vandalism, and this could be part of general anti-social behaviour or as a rebellion against the construction industry or construction company in general.

Property & Materials >
  • Buildings and outbuildings
  • Structures under construction or demolition
  • Construction materials such as cabling
  • Tools, equipment and heavy machinery
  • Fuel – the high cost of fuel means that theft is popular as it can easily be reused and disappear without trace
  • Workers’ possessions and assets
Operations >

Including on-going works and schedules, which costs businesses millions every year.

Property damage >

Expensive plant vehicles may be damaged in the process of a theft.

Delays >

Few plant vehicles or generators can function without fuel and your staff cannot operate without the necessary tools for the job, potentially causing delays to you schedule of works and increased operating costs.

Loss of life or Injury >

Thieves often strip out fixtures leaving wiring unsafe, as well as deliberate actions such as arson – and there is a risk of fuel being spilled during theft which represents a serious fire hazard.

Why choose 1st Line Defence

Our extensive experience and expertise working in the construction sector allows us to provide excellent value to our clients. We take great pride with delivering the very best standards and service within the security sector and have a number of industry-leading accreditations.

1st Line Defence have worked in various industries including major construction, oil and gas and renewable energy organisations – and offer the following:

  • Competitive rates
  • Rapid response
  • Services available 24/7/365
  • Highly trained experts
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Dedicated account management
  • UK wide coverage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the most commonly asked Construction Site Security questions or contact us if you have a specific enquiry

Construction Site Security
From Security Guards to Mobile Security Patrols – we have got you covered.

Why are construction sites targeted?

Construction sites are often a target due to the following:

  • High-value assets, equipment and tools
  • Open access points and easy vehicular entry
  • Vacant sites out of hours and during weekends

Trespassers and intruders can cause costs and damage that have a long-lasting impact.

Many construction businesses have experienced tens of thousands of pounds worth of expenses to replace stolen assets and repair damage, and delays of months while repairs are carried out, due to insufficient security safeguards. Whilst cameras are great for providing evidence after a crime has been committed, by then, the damage is done and the construction project has been delayed until the equipment can be replaced or the damage repaired.

The severe and sometimes business-critical impact of security limitations is far-reaching, and therefore it is crucial to work with an experienced and proficient security partner who can protect your site during every stage of the project.

What threats do construction sites face?

Construction site security threats are not limited to the theft of tools. In fact, the consequences of a security threat can result in loss of human life so it is extremely important that all risk are considered to prevent that outcome. Some of the primary risk factors include:

  • High-value equipment, machine, plant and tools left unguarded overnight
  • Vehicles left vulnerable to fuel theft when the site is empty
  • Vandalism and site damage caused by intruders where site access is exposed
  • Workforce risks where security provisions are not sufficient to provide staff safety
  • Site risks in controversial areas where protests or demonstrations can disrupt the flow of work, or restrict access to the site
  • Environmental risks such as fire, flooding and weather damage

What is included in a construction site risk assessment?

A risk assessment is more than a checklist exercise or an insurance requirement, it is an essential tool to assist construction site managers in clearly identifying key risks – and being able to make informed decisions about the best mitigation strategy.

The risk assessment process typically follows these predefined steps:

  • Carry out a comprehensive site inspection and identify risks – both primary and secondary
  • Record how serious that risk is, and what issues it potentially presents
  • Decide which risks are crucial to site operations, to establish a list of priorities
  • Work with a security professional to identify the best security safeguards available to eliminate or mitigate that risk and compare alternative options
  • Put in place security strategies, and review regularly and whenever site operations change

One of the most common concerns for construction site managers is in the cost of protecting their premises, and how to balance a tight budget while avoiding critical risks. Therefore, a cost analysis is an integral part of the risk assessment process – and every aspect of security should be considered:

  • Potential costs of not mitigating the risk factor
  • Security options and the respective costs of each
  • Anticipated effectiveness of the security solutions
  • The element of workforce risk where employee protection is a top priority

Your risk assessment is also a powerful communication tool, and by sharing these with your staff you help all employees remain diligent and understand where risk factors are present – and work with site security to prevent any breaches from occurring.

What are the best ways to protect a construction site?

Your construction site security will depend on multiple factors such as hours of work, points of entry, the storage and location of valuable assets – and the flow of traffic around your site.

Generally, we separate these into three categories:

  • Deterrents
  • Detection
  • Response

Why does my construction site need security?

As construction projects progress, they can present an easy target for thieves and trespassers.

Equipment, machinery, materials and people are all at risk, and the impact on your finances could cause a delay to your development – or stop it altogether.

Effective and visible construction site security (whether that is Security Guards or Mobile Patrols) acts as a strong deterrent to potential criminals, and provides a powerful layer of protection and stability.

What qualifications do your security guards hold?

All of our security guards hold an SIA (Security Industry Authority) license, the industry standard for security personnel.

We are also proud to offer online courses that provide our guards with expertise in first aid and health & safety, meaning we can deploy security services with specific training where needed.

What facilities does my site need to provide for your security guards?

We ask all sites to provide access to a welfare cabin with refreshment and toilet facilities for our security guards, this is to make sure the safety and comfort of our guards during patrols.

However, if you are operating a smaller site or cannot provide suitable facilities – we can tailor your security services to make sure that all requirements are met.

Can we provide last-minute security services?

We can deploy security services with little to no notice, our network of security guards provide round the clock protection to construction companies across the UK – and deliver an exceptionally high-quality of customer service.

What support does 1st Line Defence provide on-site?

Once you decide to work with us, we will liaise with you to determine the most appropriate solution for your construction site security needs.

A dedicated Account Manager will be available throughout your contract, and they will regularly visit your site to make sure the security services we provide for you are suitable and appropriate for the size of your site.

How much does construction site security cost?

We will create a package that is suited to your budget, and will work tirelessly to make sure that you have everything you need to operate a safe and secure site.

Get in touch with one of our Sales Team today to find out which construction site security services will be the best solution for your needs.

What services do our construction site security guards provide?

Our construction site security guards have been trained to carry out a number of duties, these include:

  • Monitoring your construction site to control access
  • Regularly patrolling your site to provide mobile security
  • Ensuring the integrity and security of your site perimeter
  • Enforcing site-specific health & safety procedures
  • Admitting authorised personnel where necessary and operating any barriers
  • Examining your CCTV system to detect and respond to intruders
  • Diffusing situations before they escalate, and liaising with emergency services when necessary
  • Offer additional services such as managing logbooks, accepting post, telephone calls or greeting visitors

What areas of the UK do we cover?

Our main office is based in Hoddesdon and we can offer construction site security services that cover both mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

We source specially trained security guards that are both local to your site, and offer a bespoke package that is tailored to your site’s needs.

No matter where your business is based, we offer a range of security solutions and provide the protection you need for your construction site.

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