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Air raid damage map of the City of Bath from 1942

UXO Risk Assessments

Desktop-based risk assessment and historical studies of project site locations to determine whether further investigation is required.
UXO Survey

UXO Surveys

Survey your project site location to detect for items of UXO/UXB, suitable for both shallow and deep intrusive ground works – on Land or Marine projects.
1st Line Defence completing a Search and Clear investigation for UXO

UXO Support

Investigate and remove risk during groundworks with a UXO Specialist available 24/7 to support your project and your staff.
1st Line Defence UXO Disposal operation and the blast following detonation

UXO Disposal

Discover about the different types of UXO Disposal services we provide and how we mitigate risk on your project.
Pile of unexploded bombs in a crater waiting to be disposed of overseas

International UXO Services

We can rapidly deploy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineers for International UXO Clearance and Disposal projects.
Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) found on the seabed

Marine UXO Services

Mitigate the risk of UXO on your marine or offshore project with our industry-leading detection and disposal services.
1st Line Defence Rig Operators conducting a Cone Penetration Test (CPT)

Cone Penetration Testing

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is a fast & safe method used to quantify the geotechnical engineering properties of soil & the variations at depth.
Security Guard standing behind a metal fence.

Construction Site Security

Make sure your project/assets are safe and secure with our UK-wide construction site security services, available 24/7/365

What is our UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy?

This is an overview of the UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy we follow, in accordance with CIRIA C681 Guidelines.

  • Stage 1:  Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment
    Basic assessment to determine a risk level for a project site location and whether further investigation is required.
  • Stage 2: Detailed UXO Risk Assessment
    Comprehensive assessment of the project site location, including a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.
  • Stage 3: UXO Risk Management
    Meticulous planning to identify the best risk mitigation solution available for the project’s ground conditions.
  • Stage 4: UXO Support
    Process of identifying, classifying and excavating items of UXO after they’ve been discovered.
1st Line Defence's UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy which is available to download for free

Why do I need UXO Remediation Services?

Any delay to a development programme can prove costly, and ignoring the potential of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) being on a site location can place a project and potentially personnel in jeopardy – use our extensive experience to help guide you through the process.

We always encourage you to contact us about your project requirements at the earliest possible opportunity so that you can better understand the risks involved, and take pro-active measures.

If UXO detection and clearance is required, we offer rapid deployment of advanced geophysics survey equipment and support from highly trained ex-military personnel.

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