What is a UXO Risk Assessment and why do I need one?

  • Every commercial, governmental and humanitarian project should consider the risk of UXO before any ground works commence.
  • It’s the process of reviewing and accessing the risk of potentially encountering items of explosive ordnance during the ground investigation stage – and should be considered for both shallow and deep intrusive projects (on land or marine).
  • We will review a number of different criteria and will confirm a risk level for your project, and if necessary – provide recommendations to mitigate any potential risk of UXO.
  • This is to protect your staff and assets so that they can operate on your project safely and to avoid any unnecessary delays.

What’s the difference between a Preliminary & Detailed UXO Risk Assessment?

Stage 1 – Is to check if there is history of bomb activity on your project site location by completing a Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment as an initial screening check.

Stage 2 – If any potential risk has been identified we recommend a Detailed UXO Risk Assessment is commissioned, which is a comprehensive and in-depth desktop study report which fully examines the history of a project site location.

Follow the link to view or download the UXO Risk Mitigation Strategy we abide to, which highlights the different stages that need to be negated in a user-friendly flow chart – in accordance with CIRIA C681 Guidelines.

How much does a UXO Risk Assessment cost?

Starting with our Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment, these can be produced in just 1-2 working days – for only £150.

Preliminary UXO desk study reports offer a very fast, cost-effective way to establish whether further research is required, ­or whether the risk can be negated at an early stage.

Useful info: 50% of the projects we investigate return a result of ‘no further action needed’, removing the need for further UXO Risk Mitigation Support.

For Detailed Risk Assessments contact us for a free quote and lead times.

Our Detailed UXO desktop survey reports are comprehensive, in-depth and determine the risk level of potentially encountering UXO on your project.

Useful info: these reports highlight the risks involved, advice regarding what UXO Risk Mitigation Support services are available, and a plan to support ground works so that they proceed safely and on-schedule.

Need help with UXO? Not sure where to start?

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