AA : Anti-Aircraft

AP : Anti-Personnel

ARP : Air Raid Precautions

BAC : Battle Area Clearance

DA : Delayed Action Bomb

EOC : Explosive Ordanance Clearance

EOD : Explosive Ordnance Disposal

ERW : Explosive Remnants of War

FP : Fire Pot

GM : G Mine (Paracchute mine)

HAA : Heavy Anti-Aircraft

HE : High Explosive

IB : Incendary Bomb

IED : Improvised Explosive Device

IMAS : International Mine Action Services

JSEOD : Joint Services Explosive Ordnance Disposal

LAA : Light Anti-Aircraft

LCC : London County Council

LRR : Long Range Rocket (V-2)

LSA : Land Service Ammunition

NFF : National Filing Factory

NTSGs : National Techincal Standards and Guidelines

OB : Oil Bomb

PAC : Pilotless Aircraft

PB : Phospherous Bomb

PM : Parachute Mine

POW : Prisoner Of War

QMS : Quality Management System

RAF : Royal Air Force

RFC : Royal Flying Corps

RNAS : Royal Naval Air Service

ROF : Royal Ordanance Factory

SAA : Small Arms Ammunition

SD2 : Anti-Personnel “Butterfly Bomb”

SIP : Self-Igniting Phosphorous

SOPs : Standard Operating Procedures

UP : Unrotated Projectile

USAAF : United States Army Air Force

UX : Unexploded

UXAA : Unexploded Anti-Aircraft

UXB : Unexploded Bomb

UXO : Unexploded Ordanance

V-1 : Flying Bomb (Doodelbug)

V-2 : Long Range Rocket

WAAF : Women’s Auxillery Air Force

X : Exploded

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