Why do I need a Non-intrusive UXO Survey?

A Non-intrusive UXO Survey makes sure that a project site location is efficiently checked for shallow buried items of (UXO/UXB) so that staff and assets can continue operations safely.

This type of survey is very effective at detecting buried items of Land Service Ammunition, for example: grenades, mortars and projectiles.

This well-tested survey approach is a reliable way of reducing UXO risk on Greenfield land projects, and is also suitable for shallow water (for example: inland waterways and lakes).

In optimum ground conditions, the survey system can detect a buried 50kg German iron bomb at a max depth of around 4m below ground level, but isn’t appropriate for clearance ahead of deep piled foundations – for this you’ll need an Intrusive UXO Survey.

What is a Non-intrusive UXO Survey?

If a project site location is free from significant ferrous contamination, a non-intrusive magnetometer survey system can be used to detect sub-surface ferrous anomalies.

The detector system is either walked or vehicle-mounted and towed across the surface so that the ground isn’t disturbed, making it a quick and effective way of surveying a large project site location.

The survey is carried out by a specialist two-person team and is normally a two-phase process, the first phase is the survey and then a Target Investigation Phase.

Data from the magnetometer survey is logged and sent back to our in-house geophysical team for processing and interpretation, and our bespoke software produces a ‘false colour’ map of the site location highlighting any ferrous anomalies discovered.

The data is reviewed and any items which model similar to buried UXO are identified for further Target Investigation, and included in a client report. We explain any potential risks to you, and if needed – outline any further specialist support required.

For larger projects and in certain circumstances, we can also offer an Aerial Magnetometer Survey via our Drone/UAV survey system.

What is the Target Investigation Phase?

Once a Non-intrusive Survey has been completed, the data processed and a list is created to carry out Target Investigation – which a process of identifying and clearing any items of UXO found from the project site location.

Our team of UXO Specialists (who are EOD certified) are deployed on-site to physically locate and investigate the targets.

Specialist GPS equipment allows each mapped anomaly to be located as quickly as possible, with software providing estimates of depth and mass. Any UXO-related anomalies found are identified, classified and arrangements made for safe removal/disposal.

Looking to book a Non-intrusive UXO Survey?

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