What does UXO Search & Clear mean?

If open excavations are planned on your project and if risk mitigation measures such as a Non-intrusive UXO Survey are not viable or appropriate option, our UXO Specialists can be deployed to conduct a manual ‘Search & Clear’ of the site location with handheld UXO detection equipment.

It provides detection of UXO present at relatively shallow depths and if we locate any suspicious items, we can inspect and remove them on-site to make the project and your staff safe.

This type of service would only be recommended in certain circumstances.

For example, it is well suited for UXO clearance of ex-military land such as ranges plus projects that are particularly large or have restricted access – and must be free of background extraneous ferrous contamination.

What is the process?

UXO Search and Clear is carried out in a systematic process using specialist military-grade UXO detection equipment, similar to commercially available metal detectors, but more specialised and sensitive.

The project site location would be visually checked to make sure that all immediately identifiable scrap materials are removed first, this to reduce spurious signals being recorded.

During the search any suspicious items found can be investigated, identified, and if found to be UXO related – will be classified, accessed and safely removed.

Alternatively, a ‘search and mark’ method can be used to identify shallow-buried anomalies which can then be avoided during groundworks.

Unsure about what UXO Support service you need?

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