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UXO Marine ServicesThe British coastal environment has been contaminated over a period of hundreds of years by unexploded ordnance (UXO).

This has not only been due to the many conflicts that have been fought around the British Isles but also the sea dumping of unwanted munitions, the formation of many military ranges out at sea as well as in the estuaries and the sea minefields laid by both German and British during World War 2 which contributes to the problem.

The Thames Estuary for example has long been used by the British Navy, with historically important bases at Chatham and Sheerness in use for 200-300 years. This has resulted in contamination of the sea-bed due to firing exercises, enemy engagements, accidental loss of items overboard and the deliberate disposal of ordnance in the water.

In WWI and more especially in WWII there was heavy bombing of shore installations in the Thames Estuary and many German bombers navigated along the Thames en route to London. Some aircraft will have jettisoned bombs when under attack and others may have crashed into the Estuary with bomb loads intact.

The Thames was also mined by German forces to impede shipping and other defensive minefields were laid by the Royal Navy. Ordnance contamination will also have resulted from shore and anti-aircraft batteries, both training and defensive fire.

1st Line Defence’s Marine UXO Services includes the following:EOD Marine Support - anti aircraft gun

  • ROV Survey
  • Diver Investigation
  • UXO Dredging support
  • UXO Specialist providing support to Debris Clearance operations
  • Marine Ordnance Clearance and Disposal
  • Site Specific UXO Threat Assessment

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