1st Line Defence®
the sectors leading UXO Company

1st Line Defence® is an Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation company offering services across the UK and Internationally – for Land and Marine projects. We provide bespoke solutions to the risk posed from explosive ordnance and munitions buried in the ground and underwater – serving Commercial, Governmental and Humanitarian organisations.

Whether you are planning for a project in advance or need Emergency Response services, we have the capacity and capabilities to safely mitigate UXO risk – on time and in budget.

Why choose 1st Line Defence?

We have a wealth of experience in the sector and since the business started operations in 2012, we’ve completed 5,000+ projects and have detected more than 8,000 items of UXO/UXB.

1st Line Defence have worked with 4,500+ clients and employ over 50 professionally trained explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialists and operations personnel.

Last year we carried out 1,500+ UXO Risk Assessments, completed 13,000+ UXO Surveys and we provide UXO Support for 1,000+ investigations on average every month.

1st Line Defence are the UXO risk mitigation consultants chosen by many organisations due to being UK Home Office Authorised and Police Licensed to safely dispose of any explosive ordnance we find – and add invaluable expertise to every project.

See examples of our work and what our clients have to say about working with us on our Case Studies and Testimonials pages.

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If you need advice about UXO contact us for more information, our experienced professionals are here to help.

Call: +44 (0) 1992 245020 or Email: info@1stlinedefence.co.uk

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