You’ve landed your dream job and you’re on top of the world. You’re feeling motivated and raring to go, but before you can even begin, you and your fellow new starters are required to go through induction training.

Induction training shouldn’t have to be boring. This is the first real encounter any new employees will have of the company, so why not give them a taste of what office life will be like for them and then put some real effort into making the mundane formalities a bit more fun?

A new generation of workers and a change of approach to how work is being done these days is revolutionising induction training, taking it from a drab on-boarding procedure to something worth remembering.

Here at 1st Line Defence we’re passionate about learning and what better way to induct our new employees than by sending them on the job itself.

There was a live Intrusive UXO Survey project being undertaken near to our Central Office which provided a great opportunity for some of our new employees to visit one of our survey rigs in action – and a perfect time to refresh some of our more experienced staff.

Throughout last week we planned a number of site visits for members of the Operations, Sales and Research teams to meet our Survey Ground Staff on-site and get a first-hand look at how UXO Surveys are undertaken.

Throughout the sessions, the teams were able to see the rig in action, learn about the entire process in more detail and ask questions.

1st Line Defence believe that this approach to induction training is invaluable to new employees and helps set the foundations for what we hope will be a long and successful career working with us.

We wanted to say a big thank you to our client for allowing the training to be undertaken on-site, and also to our grounds staff, Petar Pavlovic and Adam Kane, for being so helpful and informative.

If you require a UXO Risk Assessment or UXO survey on construction sites in the UK or abroad, contact our team who will be able to help you and guide you through the different options available.

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