Unexploded Ordnance in the marine environment can present a significant risk to offshore construction and development projects. We offer a range of support services for any offshore project – from sub-sea cables to wind farm installations, offshore structures and dredging operations.

Historic contamination can originate from sources as diverse as WWI and WWII bombing and shelling, offensive and defensive mining, munitions dumping, offshore firing ranges, coastal defences and anti-submarine weaponry.

Our personnel have specialist experience working in environments ranging from rivers and lakes to docks, beaches, intertidal zones and deep offshore works. Services include:

  • UXO Dredging Support
  • ROV Survey
  • Multi-sensor Marine Survey
  • Magnetometer Survey
  • Diver Investigation
  • UXO Specialist providing support to Debris Clearance operations
  • Marine Ordnance Clearance and Disposal
  • Site and work specific UXO Risk Assessments

Offshore UXO Risk Assessments

Access bespoke and detailed historic UXO Risk Assessments for any offshore project in the UK.

Our assessments take into consideration not only the historic risk of contamination in an area, but also factors such as the scope of the proposed works, seabed geology, burial, water depth and risk/consequences of detonation. All of our research and mitigation recommendations conform to CIRIA Guidelines C754 “Assessment and Management of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk in the Marine Environment”. We consider evidence including:

  • History of Area
  • WWI German and Allied Sea Mines
  • WWII German and Allied Sea Mines
  • Firing Ranges/Seaward Armament Training Areas
  • Naval Exercise/Training Areas
  • Wrecks
  • Munitions Dump Sites
  • Explosive Ordnance Finds
  • Coastal Gun Batteries
  • WWI and WWII Bombing and Shelling
  • Offshore Incidents Involving Munitions
  • Aircraft Activity and Crashes
  • Submarine Exercise Areas

All data collected is presented within the report with analysis. All relevant sources of information will be accessed, analysed and presented to the client. If warranted, the assessments include bespoke mitigation options to reduce risk as far reasonably practicable.

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