On sites where a risk of encountering deep buried unexploded bombs (UXBs) has been assessed, and where piled foundations are planned, 1st Line Defence can provide an Intrusive UXO Magnetometer Survey to provide clearance ahead of individual pile locations/clusters and boreholes.

This method permits survey at depths not achievable by non-intrusive methods and in conditions beyond the detection capabilities of a non-intrusive survey, such as in areas of ‘made ground’ and gross surface ferro-contamination. Anomalies identified during the survey which are modelled as having similar characteristics to a UXB, can be avoided or investigated dependent upon the site conditions and the client’s requirements.

Varied methods for detection

The survey can be undertaken from a variety of platforms: from 20 tonne tracked and wheeled survey vehicles to midi-rigs, railway mounts and over-water configurations. At each survey position, a magnetometer probe is pushed into the ground under hydraulic pressure to provide clearance of a ‘column’ of soil down to an assessed maximum bomb penetration depth (which for generic London clay can be up to 12m below ground level).

An intrusive UXB survey ensures that a site can be quickly and efficiently checked for deep buried bombs so that construction can safely continue. With the number of unexploded bomb discoveries in the UK’s cities and towns increasing, this type of survey is increasingly providing piece of mind and assurance that workers and the public are kept safe during construction projects.

Why choose a 1st Line Defence Intrusive Survey

Specialist Equipment

We own and operate our own fleet of specialist rigs and survey vehicles

Fast & Cost-Effective

No charge for standing time for issues which are within our control

Deliver results

Fast turnaround and results: our time on-site is minimised

Quality assured

Daily quality assurance checks of survey data – no anomalies are missed

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