To meet increasing demand from our customers, 1st Line Defence have recently acquired a seventh Rig,­ a new 10,000kg Intrusive UXO Survey Rig to complement our fleet of owned assets.

The new acquisition will assist with projects where the risk of encountering UXO / UXB has been assessed, and where deep intrusive groundworks such as piled foundations are planned – it will provide clearance ahead of individual pile locations, clusters and boreholes.

It comes equipped with a 90kN penetrometer which has hydraulic jack legs and 3 anchor points, which makes is easy to manoeuvre – even on the most testing of ground conditions.

Our latest investment was refurbished for us by specialists A.P. Van den Berg in the Netherlands, and it has already been busy working on client projects in London and the South East of the UK.

If you have any questions about Intrusive UXO Surveys, UXO Risk Assessments or UXO Risk Mitigation in general, contact one of our Sales Team on +44 (0) 1992 245020 or

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