If there’s an identified risk from deep buried unexploded bombs and ground investigation works such as boreholes or window samples are planned, employ a 1st Line Defence UXO Specialist to conduct a ‘down-hole’ magnetometer survey.

Working closely with the drillers, we’ll survey each borehole in 1m stages using a specialised probe. The survey continues until an assessed ‘maximum bomb penetration depth’ is reached (based on localised ground conditions), at which point the borehole can progress un-supported.

The magnetometer allows the operative to detect buried ferrous anomalies which have the potential to be UXO related. If an anomaly is detected, the operative can recommend that the borehole is terminated and moved, or arrange further investigation.

Specialist Support to Ground Investigation Works

By working closely with drillers, the methodology employed means that there is no significant time delay in undertaking site investigation. Although it is recommended that stainless steel casing is used, 1st Line Defence provide HDPE casing to facilitate the survey.

1st Line Defence have a close relationship with the manufacturers of the specialist magnetometer equipment we use, allowing us to request design modifications and improvements to enhance quality and usability.

We well understand the dynamic nature of site investigation works, and are very flexible and adaptable when it comes to when and where our engineers are required.

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