For certain sites, a ‘manual search’ with handheld detection equipment to locate buried anomalies is an appropriate method to screen site areas before works.

Search and Clear is undertaken in a systematic manner using specialist military-grade primary search instruments. The designated areas would be visually checked to ensure that all immediately identifiable scrap is removed to reduce spurious signals on the search instruments. Any targets can be investigated, identified, and if UXO related, will be classified as safe or unsafe to move.

Alternatively, a ‘search and mark’ method can identify shallow buried anomalies which can then be avoided.

This type of operation would only be recommended in certain circumstances. It is very suited to clearance of ex-military land such as ranges, or on land where a non-intrusive UXO survey would not be possible due to access or ground conditions. It allows detection of UXO present at relatively shallow depths and is only suitable on ground which is free from extraneous background ferrous contamination.

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