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UK UXO Services

We provide specialist UXO Services to meet a range of client needs, including emergency response, risk assessments, surveys, on-site support and safety and awareness training – find out more below.

Why does UXO still pose a risk?

The most obvious risk of encountering UXO is of explosion however, some items of ordnance dating back to WWI used chemical weapons and items of ordnance that may have been buried for a significant amount of time have the potential to cause significant environmental and ground contamination.

Any delay to a current of future development can prove costly, and ignoring the potential of UXO being on a site location can place a project and potentially staff in jeopardy.

We encourage you to contact us about your project requirements at the earliest possible opportunity so that you can better understand the risks involved, and take pro-active measures.

Use our extensive experience to help guide you through the risk mitigation process and if additional support is required, we offer rapid deployment of advanced geophysics survey equipment with support from highly-trained UXO Specialists.

Not sure what UXO Service you need? Looking for advice?

Contact us if you need more information or have any questions about our UXO Services – our experienced teams are here to help.

Call: +44 (0) 1992 245020 or Email: info@1stlinedefence.co.uk

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