UXO Specialist Services & On-Site Support

uxo specialistUnexploded Ordnance (UXO) or Unexploded Bombs (UXB) contamination presents developers, their employees and the general public with a potentially lethal situation.

Ordnance contamination can originate from conflicts, such as World War 2, in the form of Unexploded Bombs (UXB), Land Service Ammunition (LSA) and Naval mines and munitions. Ordnance can also originate from training, manufacturing, testing and storage on current or former Ministry of Defence (MoD) land.

1st Line Defence provide their clients with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) services in the form of UXO Specialists on site to support construction, ground works, marine projects and ground investigation works, including the support of drilling. In some situations where full time attendance is not required, an On-Call/Rapid Response facility is available.

Benefits of on-site support:

uxo support
  • Immediate specialist response to Unexploded Bombs (UXB) or any suspicious items
  • Immediate safety evaluation of any items of UXO found
  • On-site incident control and advice in the event of an ordnance find
  • On-site UXO Awareness Safety briefings to project personnel
  • Prevention of excessive downtime to projects which otherwise could halt works, in cases of the mis-identification of suspect items uncovered e.g. old gas cylinders and pipes

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