1st Line Defence are the UK’s leading provider of unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation solutions. Based in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire and operating across the whole of the UK, 1st Line Defence primarily support the construction industry in assessing potential risk of encountering items of unexploded ordnance (either air-delivered WWI/WWII bombs or buried weaponry related to historic military use of an area). If a significant risk is identified, various solutions for proactively mitigating the assessed risk can be provided including survey and clearance. Our clients range from major developers to local authorities, site investigation companies, archaeologists and house builders.
Most of our projects start with an historical desk-top based risk assessment. We currently have a team of 12 graduate historical researchers who undertake these assessments by accessing, analysing and presenting data such as bomb maps, written bomb incident records, damage mapping, historical mapping and photography in order to determine whether or not UXO could pose a risk to a planned project.
We have an opening for a new researcher to join the Research Department to undertake this research and write these risk assessments. Candidates begin as as a Trainee Researcher before progressing to Project Researcher.

Job purpose

To research and gather information in relation to the risk of UXO being present on study sites. Research involving off-site visits to local archives and libraries as necessary, utilising in-house archives and libraries, internet and other resources. This will culminate in the writing of methodical desk based Risk Assessment reports (both Preliminary and Detailed) to CIRIA C681 standards, detailing and evidencing the gathered research, identifying the risk and mitigation measures to allow works to commence safely on the study sites.


Candidates should have a university degree in a relevant subject – ideally History.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

1. Identify historical information resources and organise visits to obtain all required information for selected study site.
2. Visit archives nation-wide as required.
3. Plan and carryout the production of detailed reports regarding UXO risk.
4. Produce written project reports to deadlines and manage own timescale for report production.
5. Liaise with clients to obtain additional information to assist with reports i.e. site drawings, site investigation information, historical information etc.
6. Provide updates to clients where necessary on report production.
7. Respond to and follow up clients enquiries by post, telephone, and email regarding reports.
8. Monitor and report on activities and provide relevant management information.
9. Historical research as required for Project Instructions and as background to site works.
10. Carryout other duties as required.

Key Skills

1. Excellent skill and understanding of Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
2. Good communication skills and ability to work unsupervised and as part of a team.
3. Diligent, concise, analytical approach to reports writing and information gathering.
4. Neat and careful presentation of annexes with good attention to detail.
5. Methodical approach to data analysis and writing conclusions.
6. Commercial awareness of project deadlines and client requirements.
7. Time and workload management.
8. General knowledge of Military History, weaponry and WWI and WWII.
9. General knowledge of UXO risk mitigation methodology.

Other Information

This is an office based appointment with some off-site visits required nationwide to gather site specific information. Travel expenses for these visits will be provided by the business. Training on procedures will be provided.


For more information or to apply, email info@1stlinedefence.co.uk

1st Line Defence  Ltd is an equal opportunities employer