The importance of knowledge

It is one of our primary goals to spread awareness of UXO risk and to ensure that ground operatives who may come into unexpected contact with UXO are given the tools and knowledge to understand the risks and to be able to act safely. We provide various training solutions from on-site briefings to the production of Site Specific Safety Packages. So strong is our belief in education, we also offer free of charge corporate seminars, presentations and CPD sessions – contact our head office for more information.

UXO Awareness Briefings

Have your construction team professionally briefed, on-site, by a by 1st Line Defence UXO Specialist. We will:

  • Explain the nature and type of risk assessed based on research
  • Show what to look out for
  • Explain what to do if a suspect item is encountered
  • Offer basic instruction in ordnance explosive recognition

Providing all new ground personnel with safety and awareness briefings is an essential part of any UXO Risk Management Plan. It also ensures principal contractors are fulfilling their duty of care to employees. On lower risk sites, training acts as an effective stand-alone mitigation measure as a minimum precaution.

Site Specific Safety Packages (SSSP)

All personnel involved in intrusive ground works should attend a UXO Awareness Briefing before starting operations.

In the first instance this should be delivered by a qualified 1st Line Defence UXO Specialist. However for longer term projects on low risk sites, where it may not be a requirement for an UXO Specialist to be present on site all times, a Site Specific Safety Package can be commissioned to allow a contractors representative to deliver the briefings.

Aimed at site / project management / supervisory staff, SSSPs are delivered by an experienced UXO Trainer. They take the form of a 3 to 4 hour presentation and training course which includes information specific to the UXO risk on the site in question and details of how this can be managed. Content typically spans:

  • The common physical characteristics of UXO
  • The effect that site works might have on the different varieties of UXO
  • Actions to take in the event of a suspected UXO find
  • How to deliver a UXO Awareness Briefing
  • How to manage the UXO risk

On completion, the UXO Specialist leaves a briefing pack on-site in hard copy and electronic format. The pack includes information on identifying and reporting suspicious discoveries – with pictures to assist in recognition and posters which can be displayed on site.

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