Perhaps you want a second opinion for an existing UXO risk assessment. Maybe you’re new to ordnance risks and need advice you can trust. 1st Line Defence offers a range of Consultancy and Quality Assurance services. We ensure sure that standards are being met, best practice is being followed and UXO risk mitigation measures are appropriate and justified.

We have developed a strong reputation for quality, standards and integrity, and are commonly a point of contact for clients who are new to UXO risk. You may have questions and queries about a project, or require a second opinion over advice or support work that you have received.

Our consultants and specialists are known for ensuring their input remains entirely impartial and objective. Services include:

  • Preliminary and Detailed Risk Assessments on potential UXO/UXB risk
  • Risk mitigation measure recommendations and emergency response planning
  • Advice and project management in the early development of a project
  • UXO Risk Management Plans
  • Third Party Quality Assurance and Control
Need some advice or a second opinion?

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