We know about managing Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) risk

In 2018, 1st Line Defence detected and dealt with more than 8,000 items of unexploded ordnance. Since inception in 2011, we’ve completed 4,500+ projects, risk assessments and site visits. Our team has provided UXO advice and services to some of the UK’s most iconic construction projects including the O2, Wembley Stadium and Thames Tideway.

You’ll have complete peace-of-mind

If you’re considering the possibility of UXO risk, you want to be sure you can trust any assessment. We make no apology for being ruthlessly thorough. Our team impartially establishes or discounts the likelihood of UXO, to CIRIA C681 guidelines. Our historical research routinely spans public archive resources including bomb census maps, aerial and satellite photographs and military records of near-site Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

If the findings indicate escalation is advised, we offer an end-to-end capability, UK-wide, spanning Mitigation, Detection, Clearance, Consulting and Emergency Response. Our business is founded on professional reputation and integrity. We are accredited by and members of all leading UK H&S and quality organisations.

We do the right thing by every client

For a nominal outlay (currently just £150+VAT), we ensure any client can afford to check the risk of any UXO. Around half of the Preliminary Assessments we undertake come back with the recommendation: ‘No Further Action Required’. Our 3-4 page reports are delivered within only 1-2 days. If further investigation isn’t warranted, we simply say so.

Where more detailed analysis is needed, our research fully qualifies risk. We define both likelihood and severity of UXO, and only recommend and price mitigation measures appropriate to the individual project and site.

We understand the commercial and contractual pressures you face

Any delay to a construction programme will be costly. Ignoring UXO due diligence can place a project in jeopardy. We encourage contractors to engage with us at the earliest possible opportunity to understand risks and take pro-active measures. Where UXO detection and clearing is required, we offer rapid deployment of advanced geophysics survey equipment plus UXO clearance, supervision and training by ex-military team operatives.

You’ll have professionals delivering unrivalled value

1st Line Defence reports, research and recommendations come from a 12-strong team of graduates – researchers, analysts and historic archive experts – with the support of experienced UXO professionals. Our on-site trainers, surveyors and clearance operatives and are drawn from over 40 ex-military UXO specialists, deployed across the UK.

No other company combines this depth of UXO experience and breadth of affordable, professional UXO consulting services.

“1st Line Defence are extremely accommodating during all aspects of our work, regularly meeting tight deadlines and providing quality work at short notice.”

Geotechnical Engineer, GEA Ltd

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