Non-Intrusive UXO Survey

non intrusive uxo survey

1st Line Defence provide a Non-Intrusive UXO Magnetometer Survey to detect ferrous sub-surface anomalies that have comparable mass and dimensional characteristics to items of UXO/UXB’s. The survey system can detect a 50kg bomb up to 4m deep, dependent on ground and site conditions. A variety of configurations can be deployed to suit environmental conditions and clearance requirements.

non intrusive survey

Typically following a UXO survey a physical investigation of the magnetic anomalies, that have been identified as suspect targets, would be carried out.

1st Line Defence can also carryout shallow water Non-intrusive for use on inland waterways and lakes.

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Data Interpretation

1st Line Defence uses state of the art processing software with highly-accurate object calculation producing a false color anomaly map showing all identified ferrous targets and anomalies which model as potential UXO. These targets can then be investigated by UXO Specialists to physically identify whether they are UXO or not.

Generally Non-Intrusive UXO Surveys are used on Greenfield sites as they can be ineffective on Brownfield sites.

uxo false colour map

In some circumstances the effectiveness of the survey can be limited by environmental conditions these include any nearby buildings and reinforced structures, services, ferrous material or made ground on the surface, reinforced concrete and the proximity of traffic. All of the above should be taken in to consideration during the planning and consultation with 1st Line Defence when considering the deployment of these systems. We will not recommend the deployment of this system to our clients if there is potential for it to be ineffective and alternative methods are available to achieve the same outcome, this will generally save our clients both time and money.