In many cases, UXO investigations can end after a Preliminary Assessment. But should findings indicate a definite risk, or if desk research data alone cannot scope the risk level with confidence, a Detailed Assessment is needed.

Using both internal and external resources, a Detailed Assessment examines in-depth the likelihood of encountering explosive ordnance during proposed works at a site. It states the associated risk, and if necessary, makes recommendations for appropriate risk mitigation measures.

1st Line Defence has a reputation for producing the most comprehensive Detailed UXO Risk Assessments in the industry. Fully compliant with CIRIA C681, the reports allow the potential risk on any site in the UK to be fully qualified. Our reports consider:

  1. The risk that the site was contaminated with UXO
  2. The risk that UXO remains
  3. The risk of encountering UXO
  4. The risk of initiating UXO
  5. The consequences of encounter/initiation

For more details, download our Detailed UXO Risk Assessment Information Sheet here

Thorough, Concise, Accurate.

Bespoke Risk Assessments, compiled by our graduate research team, utilise all relevant historical information and resources available. Sources include local and national archives, historical mapping, high resolution WWII-era aerial photography, written ARP bomb incident reports, Luftwaffe target information and bomb census mapping.

All data collected is presented within the report. Our detailed analysis and conclusions are peer reviewed, clear and concise: you will fully understand the risk assessed and, if necessary, any Risk Mitigation Measures needed.

Detailed UXO Assessments

  • Over 2,000 individual reports have been produced for projects across the UK
  • Extensive geo-datasets of UXO related information and sources
  • Large in-house library and digital archive comprising over 140,000 files and documents
  • Archive visits for every detailed report
  • Work and site specific risk mitigation recommendations

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