For the majority of sites in the UK, the risk of encountering buried UXO will be negligible, and can be screened out at a very early stage in a Preliminary UXO Report without the need for further research or costly proactive risk mitigation measures.

Our Express Preliminary UXO Assessment provides this essential screening check – quickly and very cost-effectively. By undertaking manual desktop research, our team of 10 graduate researchers and UXO specialists compile a bespoke (not generic/automated) 3-4 page report outlining the basic risk factors at a site.

Assessment findings make use of our extensive historical digital archives, library, maps and internet resources as well as our unique UXO geo-databases which include datasets not available in the public domain. The process directly conforms to CIRIA C681 guidelines “Unexploded Ordnance, a Guide for the Construction Industry”.

You’ll have the results within 1-2 working days of order. Costing just £150+VAT, almost half of all UXO Preliminary Assessments result in a recommendation of ‘No Further Action’.

Bespoke and Non-automated

Because our assessments are bespoke and non-automated, each UXO report adds genuine value, considering factors such as historic land use, site history, bomb damage, frequency of access and the proposed scope of works.

Our Express reports make use of any data which is available to us in-house or online. If we find that we do not have enough information to fully assess the risk, or we know that additional data would be available which would allow the risk level to be fully qualified, we will recommend that more research is undertaken in the form of a Detailed UXO Risk Assessment. This does not necessarily mean that the site is at risk, but rather we cannot make a full assessment with the information available, and we will explain why we consider that more investigation would be required within the document. However, in many cases, we will have enough data to discount the risk and recommend that ‘no further action’ is taken for the site.

Contact us if you would like to look at a sample report to better understand what information we include and how we go about undertaking the assessments. We are always happy to discuss any current projects you have and recommend the best way forward.

Express Preliminary Assessment criteria include:

  • Previous military use
  • Indicators of potential aerial delivered UXO threat
  • Site history and land use
  • Frequency of access, damage, ground cover
  • Consideration of any mitigating factors
  • Extent and nature of proposed intrusive works
  • Requirement for additional research or risk mitigation works

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